New Post 8/17/11

I’m pleased to say that as of today, 8/17/11, my first book, the picnic at the edge of the universe, is published as an eBook, on, here

and at Apple’s iBookstore and on iTunes, for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, here

This has been an exciting two weeks of getting all of the pieces together, learning from scratch  how to publish and edit in ePub, the language needed for most eReaders, and fixing coding errors. I’m pleased with the results and I hope you will be , too.

If you are not yet an eReader with one of these new devices, you can download the Nook software, at Barnes and Noble’s website, (although their reader for the Mac has given me lots of trouble, and still doesn’t work right on my iMac), or go to Adobe and download their software  Adobe Digital Editions , at:

This one works smoothly and seems very stable.

So far the book hasn’t appeared on Amazon or anywhere else, but that will come, in time. I’ll send most of this info out as an email to family and friends, but I hope you’l check in on the blog, and offer your thoughts on any of its ideas and topics, as well as on the book. I hope to get cracking on my next project soon, But I’d like to incorporate any new ideas in this one as well. Thanks to those who’ve held my hands and sometimes my head through this last few months. For me at least it has been very satisfying.

The blog which I set up a few weeks ago, is here

This is where I’ll try to keep up to date with progress reports


Here’s what it looks like          

About Charles Scurlock

Charles is a recently retired architect/planner and generalist problem-solver with a lifelong interest in science, physics, and cosmology, and the workings of the human mind. He has started this blog in the interest of sharing his ideas with others of like-(or not so like) minds.
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