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Hiding Reality

There’s a conspiracy out there. No, it isn’t based on the da Vinci Code. It isn’t the Neocons. It isn’t the Trilateral Commission. It’s the cosmological mathematicians! And their agent provocateur is Brian Greene! Here he is, at his best. … Continue reading

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Recommended reading (and some maybe not so recommended)

In the last week or so, I’ve stumbled on to one book that I commend to all. It’s “The Swerve” by Stephen Greenblatt, whose recent book about Shakespeare’s life and his place in the world is also a marvel. The … Continue reading

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What do we know that might (or might not) be so? No. 2

It’s about time for a timely discussion about time. In about 397 ACE, St. Augustine confessed, “I know well enough what time is, provided nobody asks me, but if I am asked what it is and try to explain, I … Continue reading

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What do we know that might (or might not) be so?

Start with the speed of light. The recent report from CERN that they might have measured the velocity of a neutrino (that smallest of all small “particles”) at greater than the speed of light. stirred all kinds of people and … Continue reading

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Where is physics headed?

Ref. New York Times Book Review, Sunday, October 9,2011. “Disturbances in the Field”, p. 14 If we start with the increasingly logical assumption the universe –our universe– is finite, that is, that it has a boundary out there somewhere, then … Continue reading

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A brief diversion from cosmology

This conversation, overheard in the great design studio in the sky – Joe (for Jehovah) to his colleagues:….and the great thing is, after they started thinking, they began to worship me! Al (for Allah): Wow! That’s neat. Do they do … Continue reading

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The Universe is simpler than you think

A brief history: Finally a summing up, intended to demonstrate that the universe can be thought of in simple terms that we can relate to everyday experience. All of this vision of the universe should be studied, of course; assumptions … Continue reading

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