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Stumbling through Cyberspace Looking for the stars, and finding–nothing!

Yesterday had some interesting events. After hearing from a friend that he had purchased my book, The Picnic at the Edge of the Universe, on Amazon, I went there and checked if that sale had moved it up on their … Continue reading

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Being as a God

I’ve been on the road for several days, actually back in New York for my grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. Which was  an interesting experience with some deep conversations with the Rabbi of a small Jewish congregation as well as with my … Continue reading

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Changing the world for dummies, Part 1 (another temporary digression)

Here’s an important question for everyone. When will the world end? A few years ago, in the Sunday comics section of our local newspaper there was an episode of “Opus”, the creation of Berkeley Breathed. In this episode Opus, a … Continue reading

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