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(Another) Meditation on time

This past week. I posted a comment in a Physics forum on LinkedIn, expressing my personal concern with the concept of time as it is used in modern physics. That  post was promptly challenged, as I might have expected, with … Continue reading

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What do we think we know that might (or might not) be so? No. 3

Wave/particle duality First, thanks to Ulla Mattfolk (of the Facebook group I’m part of) for digging up two related articles on this subject that made me think I might have something to say about it. In Wave Particle Duality, a piece … Continue reading

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New categorized structure!

As of today the  blog has been restructured to sort posts into the categories shown above, in the menu. So just look for archived posts in the categories shown. Of course you can still see all of them by scrolling … Continue reading

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The Universe – simplified

In August of 2011 I published “the picnic at the edge of the universe“, an eBook now available From the iBookstore (Apple), Barnes&Noble, and Amazon. In it I lay out a brief history of our concepts of the universe and … Continue reading

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A Place of Dreams and Delusions

The evolution of the contemplative mind  In the novel, A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks, a character explains to his girlfriend why his brother is genetically, incurably schizophrenic. he tells her, “––it’s like this. Species change because, as they breed, minute … Continue reading

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Who and Why

I’m Charles Scurlock, a thinker for most of my life and trying to be a writer now. This is a  new beginning on that front, with my first book, The Picnic at the Edge of the Universe, discussed here on the blog, … Continue reading

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