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Words and Reality

Words and Reality A Look at Milo Wolff’s “Schrödinger’s Universe” (2008)  Four anti-definitions to ponder: 1. Space has no substance hence no reality in and of itself. What is called space is an absence of substance. If it is designated … Continue reading

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Events and Observations: How we know what we know

It has long been fascinating to me to see the confusion that arises due to the conflation of two or more “logical types” (Russell) or “orders of abstraction” (Korzybski), particularly in the theories and literature of modern physics (and cosmology). … Continue reading

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Independence Day CERN-tainty?

Independence Day 2012 Of course we all understand that the scientists at CERN have not been flinging tiny billiard balls of stuff at each other in their ten-billion dollar merry-go-round, but have, in fact, been flinging tinier and tinier coherent … Continue reading

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