Modern Physics – the lost world

I have just finished reading in the LinkedIn forum on theoretical physics 71 comments on a question posed by a member, “What are the greatest unsolved problems in theoretical physics?” Almost without exception the comments and responses focus on identifying the chinks in the so-called standard model and its variants – and on the unresolved conflicts between relativity and quantum theories.

The truly greatest unsolved problem is how to return physics to the study of reality.

It seems that every time this question is raised, the rote response is, “Oh, you are stuck in a classical mindset! We have gone beyond that.” Well, yes! It is true that most of modern physics has moved into a twilight zone where its conclusions are conflated with misunderstood assumptions about things that belong in 19th century philosophy, like what can we know? and how does human consciousness affect the real world? and the like. Theoretical physics in the “quantum” age  has clearly abandoned reason and logic and has embraced magic and mysticism and has actually written mathematical equations to explain these untestable assertions. And then it tells us, “We don’t have to explain these apparent contradictions and paradoxes because we’ve rewritten the language so those no longer appear in our lexicon.” This is like the “Historians” in “1984” going back and removing unwanted stories from historical documents .In this case it’s as if,  “There’s no longer a word for it, so it doesn’t exist!”

Physics is in desperate need of resubstantiation. Einstein and Bohr are both responsible for starting us down this mistaken path to unreality. Einstein abandoned reality when he made 2 unreal entities, space and time, into the heart of his most famous theory. Bohr did the same in embracing a totally invented concept, wavefunction, to explain that the universe is made up of only “appearances,” particles when we want them to be particles, waves when we want them to be waves.

At one point in the above referenced discussion, Zeno’s Paradox is invoked to further explain this logicless logic. Zeno’s Paradox is nothing more than a mathematical word game, as are both relativity and most of quantum theory. When modern physics books and other writings spend half their time discussing how “observation” affects reality and on the impact of “consciousness” and “free will” on those “observations”, you know we’ve lost our minds and our connections to the physical world. We need to step back and start over.

About Charles Scurlock

Charles is a recently retired architect/planner and generalist problem-solver with a lifelong interest in science, physics, and cosmology, and the workings of the human mind. He has started this blog in the interest of sharing his ideas with others of like-(or not so like) minds.
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2 Responses to Modern Physics – the lost world

  1. Ioannis says:

    Zeno’s ingenious Paradox simply concludes (indirectly) that space-time is actually quantized. Zeno’s Paradox combined with the Law of the excluded middle, shows the way back to reality and powerful logic. When the scientists start to understand Zeno’s postulates, then it will be the day where they will realize how much they were fooled by the conclusions of Quantum Mechanics which they are only abstracts and unrelated with reality.

    P.S. The way back to reality passes through classical Physics, otherwise the scientific community will continue on dreaming: multi-universes, particles located everywhere simultaneously, point-like particles (zero volume of particles), wave-like behavior of particles by denying the Electromagnetic nature of mass and generally all this kind of absurdities that has nothing to do with reality and logic (these two fundamental tools where the progress of mankind is based upon).

  2. shafiqifs says:

    Yes! Physics is to be rewritten to know the physical reality because adopted paradigm has been shown to be fundamentally incorrect as very space-time concept, on which theories of relativity are founded, has been mathematically, theoretically & experimentally proved as baseless and openly challenged on the basis of published scientific articles. Since the very space-time concept has been proved as baseless thus curvature of space-time being an explanation of gravity has also to baseless. Gravity has been shown to be an electromagnetic force as foreseen by Maxwell due to the curl/vortices of aether (the electric dipoles) in the published article ‘Revised Foundation of Theory of Everything: Non-living Things & Living Things’ (; Sep 2010) Revised version of this article is available on vixra & World Science Database in my profile. Following is the open challenge which everyone could see at and


    The article ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies’ by Albert Einstein is based on trickeries is proved beyond any doubt whatsoever in the articles (1). Experimental & Theoretical Evidences of Fallacy of Space-time Concept and Actual State of Existence of the Physical Universe published in the peer-reviewed journal namely Indian Journal of Science & Technology (March 2012 issue) available on (2) On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies By Albert Einstein is Based on Trickeries (Open letter to Professors, Teachers, Researchers and Students of Physics) published in peer-reviewed journal Elixir Online Journal (February 2012 issue) available on The Voigt transformation was simply a mathematical possibility which was changed by Lorentz by introducing the Lorentz factor but the Lorentz factor is simply a manipulation. Thus nature and forces in nature were trivialized and made subservient to mathematics in the theories of relativity, Big Bang Theory, Space-time concept and in all physical sciences which are directly or indirectly based on the ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies’. It is unfortunate for humanity that exposing these trickeries took more than one hundred years.
    I openly challenge all the professors, researchers & teachers of physics/philosophy of physics to come forward & show me where I am wrong or else they have to accept that they are teaching incorrect physics based on trickeries.

    My challenge may not be treated as a publicity stunt, but I sincerely wish that truth should prevail on this planet and am expecting identical response from all truth loving people/intellectuals. I do understand that it is hard for mainstream physicists to reconcile with the alternative philosophy; though actual and factual; as almost all the living physicists and researchers are borne, brought up and taught physics which is fundamentally incorrect. Their livelihood is based on the physics which has been adopted as the result of fraud, but these material interests should never be a stumbling block to acknowledge the reality, which to my understanding is the essence of scientific thinking and honest living for the betterment of entire human society.

    I have not an iota of doubt that sooner or later the truth will prevail, but it would be in the interest of humanity that truth is accepted now so that humanity comes out of clutches of materialism which in itself is naked atheism.
    Mohammad Shafiq Khan.

    I would like to keep you informed that the open challenge has been sent to almost all professors of physics & universities of the world and so far two retired professors of physics namely Jeremy Dunning-Davies of Hull University & Brian Cole of Columbia University accepted the challenge but both of them finally failed to show a single error in the articles on the basis of which open challenge has been put forward. In this regard exchange of articles between me & Jeremy is available on vixra, General Science Journal & Elixir Online Journal.

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