New eBook publication notice

After avoiding the challenge for almost a year, I’m happy to announce that both of my 2016 books, “the picnic at the edge of the universe,” and “imagine darkness,” have now been published as epub documents and are now available on Apple’s iBookstore and via iTunes. They can be accessed here: (the picnic at the edge of the universe), and here: (imagine darkness)

They are now available through Apple (iBook), Amazon (both paperback and Kindle versions), and directly through Createspace (Paperback)

The new ebook versions feature full color graphics not possible in the print editions but are otherwise identical as far as text and content.

the picnic at the edge of the universe” was my first attempt to lay out a new way of looking at how the cosmos, the universal electromagnetic field, the “ether,” was the likely source of all that we now perceive as “ponderable matter,” as well as what the mystical wing of modern physicists like to refer to as “dark energy” and “dark matter.” My continuing (and still ongoing) researches led me to the more complete and detailed work documented in “imagine darkness” which built on (and sometimes corrected) assertions of the first book. It is all a work in progress, that despite all my attempts to falsify it, continues to surprise with its logic and consistency, and its ability to explain more and more of the “mysteries” that still plague the so-called “standard models’ of modern physics. I will continue to document this work here in this blog.

I hope you will look at them and challenge my assumptions and conclusions as time goes on. Thank you for your comments and support.

cs 1/6/2017

About Charles Scurlock

Charles is a recently retired architect/planner and generalist problem-solver with a lifelong interest in science, physics, and cosmology, and the workings of the human mind. He has started this blog in the interest of sharing his ideas with others of like-(or not so like) minds.
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2 Responses to New eBook publication notice

  1. Guy Burneko says:

    Bravo, your work is a treat and a boon!

  2. Wayne Boddie says:

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed your work for a long time.

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