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Is “something” out there?

In 2012, the well-known science writer Jim Holt produced a fascinating book titled “Why does the world exist.” In it he explores what some philosophers have called the prime question of philosophy, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” Now, … Continue reading

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Time Dilation Revisited

In his explanation of time dilation, Einstein explains the principal in this way: (from: The Foundation of the Generalized Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein, 1916) (parenthetical inserts by the author, cs)  “In order to see this we suppose that two similarly … Continue reading

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A fundamental fallacy in modern physics

In an article on the website, (The site is subtitled, “The open questions at the boundary between physics and metaphysics”) regarding Einstein’s Theories of Relativity, the following section stirred up a serious reaction. The article is by the science … Continue reading

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How “thick” is a wave?

“How “thick” are the “vibration planes” of electromagnetic waves (The electric field is in a vertical plane and the magnetic field in a horizontal plane).” This question was posed recently on the forum of a LinkedIn group discussion of theoretical … Continue reading

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Son et lumière

The first two principal axioms of my model, the simple universe are these: Axiom 1 “The cosmos, what we call the ether, is made up of an electromagnetic energy field extending in all directions an indefinite distance from all points … Continue reading

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“Everything is made of fields” (but fields of what?)

Sean Carroll of Caltech is right. Well, partially right at least. In his lecture at Fermilab in 2013 (Particles, Fields and The Future of Physics) as reported in symmetry magazine that same year, (Everything is Made of Fields, July 18, … Continue reading

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Is the Scientific Method obsolete?

Today’s issue of the NYT (June 7, 2015), in its Sunday Review section, contains a reasonably fair commentary titled “A crisis at the edge of physics,” by Adam Frank and Marcelo Gleiser, both respected professionals in modern physics. The authors … Continue reading

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